Beautederm Skin Line & The First 2 Weeks Review

So this is my 2 1/2 week-mark of using the Beautederm Skin Line.  If you’ve been following the blog (and I hope you are) you’d know that I previously posted about the Beautederm Skin Line in my entries here and here.  So this will be my review of their skin care products I got from Skin and Beyond by Beautederm.  Please be reminded that this, or my other two posts, are NOT paid posts by any Beautederm distributor or reseller nor by the Beautederm Corporation.  I bought the products because of their popularity among bloggers and you-tube’rs and recommendations from very good friends.  This is my independent review of the product.

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Did I say that the Beautederm Skin Line is promising?  Oh yes, baby.  This girl is happy – they promised, delivered and gave so much more. Let me count the reasons why:

The first thing I noticed is that the skin between my lower lip and chin is now smooth!  I’ve always been annoyed with those tiny, “flaky” skin on my labret. (Yes, that’s the name of the part between your lower lip and chin.)  I’ve had that problem since I was a teen-ager that I’ve already accepted it as part of my life.  They’re not very noticeable but whenever I stretched that part and feel it, it was always rough.  I’ve tried scrubbing it, exfoliating, using those nose pore strips on them – they stubbornly remained.  And now, miraculously, they are gone! Even the skin on my chin is smooth.  If only for these improvements I want to rave about the product no end. Yes, there is hope for problematic labrets! (I don’t really like the sound of that name…)

Second, the puffiness under my eyes are minimizing.  Eyebags were already starting to form and I have to admit, the skin under was starting to sag. I am now seeing a change there, too.  The puffiness is slowly going away and they feel a little firmer than before.

I used to also have teensy brownish spots around my face.  They seem to be like the dreaded age spots that I’ve been reading about when you skin matures. They’ve diminished in number! In fact, with a 15x mirror in front of me right now, I think I’ve only counted 3 or 4 left.

I am starting to see the “glow” that I’ve always been looking for.  For the past week, I’ve started going out to get-togethers and church events with just Beautederm’s Day Cream and a pea-sized CC Cream on – no other foundation, no blush, no powder even.  My skin’s appearance doesn’t seem to need more makeup for everyday events.  There’s a certain radiance starting to show and my cheeks have a tinge of pink.  I used to apply my NYC Pore Filler to make my makeup look flawless and porcelain-like. But now I don’t think I will need that ever.  The only makeup I could not live without is my eyebrows and lipstick, but that’s another story.

My Before and Now – After 2 1/2 Weeks!

I think my before and now photo might help my review a bit more.  The “before” shot was taken one early morning in the Philippines last January with my day moisturizer and foundation on.  My “now” photo was also shot in the morning yesterday and has me with only my eyebrow and lipstick on.  Yes, no make-up, not even Beautederm’s CC Cream.  Just their Day Cream.   And nope – no filters, no touch-ups, no photoshops!

Oh, I still feel the sting most specially around my nose and on my cheekbones whenever I apply the Day and Night Toner. The stinging feeling goes away tho once the creams are applied.  My skin still shows peeling. They happen most specially the morning after I’ve applied the night creams.  But the peeling goes away once I apply the CC Cream. I think it also helps that I use the Facial Wash with Scrub Pump to minimize the appearance of skin peels.

Yes, my treatment isn’t complete yet.  I still have a few more weeks/months until I can achieve the best results.  For one, I have small pores that I definitely want to lessen and maybe (*fingers crossed*) go away.  My skin tone isn’t as even yet as I want it to be.  Plus I really want to see a more obvious flush and luminosity in my skin that I’ve seen other seasoned users have.  I want Sylvia Sanchez‘ skin!  (Right, Jo?)

Ms. Sylvia Sanchez with her clear and beautiful skin.

Good things come to those who wait.  I am hopeful for better results to come.

But for those who are already as convinced as I am that the Beautederm Skin Line products work and do not know where to buy them here in the US, I have good news!  Like I said in a previous post, I do have some trial and regular sets with me.   Plus, for any other Beautederm Skin Line product you might want, just contact me on my FB, Instagram, Twitter or here in my comment sections for any inquiries you might want to ask. I reply fast 🙂

The Beautederm Skin Line Trial Set. Good for 1 month’s use. 150gm Papaine Set, 60ml Day and Night Toner, 10gm Day Cream, 10gm Night Cream 1, 10gm Night Cream 2 and 10gm Night Cream 3
The Beautederm Skin Line Regular Set. Good for 2 month’s use. 150gm Papaine Set, 60ml Day and Night Toner, 20gm Day Cream, 20gm Night Cream 1, 20gm Night Cream 2 and 20gm Night Cream 3
The effective Beautederm Undereye Whitening Cream
The Gentle Facial Wash
Beautederm’s CC Cream – the only foundation I will need for my everyday use.

So there, I am still happy with the products on my 2 week mark.  Keep tuning in and you will read more of the Beautederm Skin Line products.  In fact I’m planning on getting and trying some new ones really soon.

Till next time, my lovies!




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